Welcome to Blinman

We are a small community in the northern Flinders Ranges. There are a lot of things to do and see. Come and experience our food, scenery and “bushy” characters.

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  1. Hi,

    Are the three holiday units associated with the general Store and run by Pud still available for letting? They seem to have fallen off your website.



    Yes Philip the website has lapsed BUT you can book by calling +61 08 8648 4370
    Greg – gwillcoc@ozemail.com.au

  2. Hi Wanting to contact the Blinman Hotel directly : Telephone No. or Email

    My Grandfather was BORN there 1883 and various other family events
    (in that era) took place at Blinman.

    Can you advise if Records were kept of the Events held at the Pub ?
    (Archival) OR do you have a Blinman Archivist I could contact ?

    Please feel free to give a copy of this email to any person who you may think
    could help/advise.

    All the best Verlaine

    • Hi – Greg Willcocks here

      Great to see your interest in our town. I would like to know who your grand father was and any family tree details or photo you might have that we could copy for our town – Mine Office collection of History materials.

      Contact Greg on gwillcoc@ozemail.com.au

  3. Looking for permanent private accommodation away from it all , have own van. We are christians. Hubby very handy. Many thanks

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